Tours for schools

A live guided virtual tour is a great way to introduce a school class to the city of Vienna, its history, its culture and its people.
We love to take pupils on our exciting and informative tours. In this way a lesson, learning about Vienna, Austria or maybe just German is suddenly extremely interesting, as this is interactive and happening live – no boring documentary, but streamed on the same days.

School class in zoom call watching virtually vienna

With the younger generation used to the format of video and online, using Zoom and asking questions is natural. The great thing is that this virtual tour is so much better than watching a video on YouTube, because the participants can ask questions using the microphone or through the chat. In fact, students are allowed to ask questions they might not normally dare to ask, which makes a virtual tour even more engaging.

Pupil of class attending live virtual tour

Especially with many children now doing home schooling, this tour through Vienna is a welcome change. Our guides will educate and fascinate at the same time. Let us make the best out of home schooling, and as long as students can not travel on excursions at least they will get some fresh input from another country and city.

Our certified guides are very experienced on making such a virtual live tour a real experience for school and university classes. They have developed different tours through Vienna for different age groups and also for different language levels.

Together with the teacher our guides will prepare the topic of the tour, the duration and take care of any specific requirement. We can also include polls using Zoom or add a quiz in Mentimeter to make it even more engaging.

The guided tours for schools are offered in German (for native speakers), German (as a foreign language), English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

We offer our school tours starting at 150 € / hour, including preparation and the Zoom conference.